Hemp oil

Hemp seed oil is most commonly referred to as hemp oil and this oil is harvested by cold-processing the seeds of hemp. This type of oil comes in an unrefined manner and it is green in color with a nutty flavor to it. You have to remember the fact that hemp oil is different from CBD or cannabidiol oil in a way that the latter is an extract of cannabis plant and it utilizes the leaves and flowers of hemp plant during production.

Hemp seed oil is usually extracted from hemp seed and hence it doesn’t have THC which is the psychoactive element that leads to the ‘high’ feeling. A 2017 research claims that CBD oil has insignificant and low levels of THC. Besides having several health benefits, hemp oil can also do wonders for the skin. Thanks to its moisturizing qualities and nourishing vitamins, it is good for all kinds of skin. Read on to know more on this.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD oil

Most often, there are people who are confused between hemp oil and cannabidiol oil. Though it is true that they’re extracted from the same plant, yet there are extremely different from each other. CBD is a compound that is found in cannabis plant and you’ll be surprised to know that hemp seed oil can be naturally found in CBD. Hemp seed oil is produced by pressing the seeds that you find in the hemp plant and on the contrary, CBD oil is made by isolating and extracting CBD.

CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects but one can combine it with THC to make a product which causes a ‘high’ feeling. CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes and it’s vital to understand that hemp oil isn’t anything similar to cannabis oil or marijuana oil. Cannabis oil is legitimate in states that already decriminalized marijuana.

Hemp oil has got benefits for your skin – What are they?

There are several skin care benefits that you can obtain from hemp seed oil, either by consuming it directly or by topically using it on your skin. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits it has on your skin.

1: Regulates production of oil

Hemp oil is mostly said to be appropriate for majority of the skin types and it can moisturize your skin without clogging all your pores. You can use this oil to balance the production of oil in your skin, hydrate it and regulate the production of oil. You must be aware of the fact that dryness of skin can lead to overproduction of oil which can boost the acne. If you could use hemp oil, this would prevent your dry skin from clogging your pores.

2: Cures atopic dermatitis

One more way in which hemp oil can prove to be beneficial for your skin is because it is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Once you start consuming such nutrients, you can treat conditions like atopic dermatitis. Dietary hemp seed oil can even reduce symptoms and the appearance of atopic dermatitis post 20 weeks.

3: Reduces inflammation and moisturizes your skin

One among the different omega-6 fatty acids that hemp oil has is GLA or gamma-linoleic acid. This plays the role of an anti-inflammatory and boosts skin growth and generation of new cells. This specific fatty acid can calm down irritation of your skin and in case there’s any inflammation, you will also find it reducing. It can also treat conditions like psoriasis while keeping your skin moisturized.

4: Has anti-aging characteristics

Besides soothing and moisturizing your skin, hemp oil has also got some magical properties with which you could reverse back your age. By using hemp oil, you can reduce wrinkles, fine lines and prevent all other signs of aging. The oleic and linoleic acid that is found in hemp oil is never produced by human body but when they are added to your body through supplements, this can have a good impact on the health of your skin. Hence, they’re certainly vital nutrients that you should add to your daily diet.

Are there any side-effects of using hemp oil?

Well, to be true, hemp oil doesn’t have any such side effects but still it might be possible that a person gets sensitive to the main ingredients of this oil. Whenever you try out a new skin care product, you should try a patch test and watch out for signs of burning, redness, itching or rash. In case you notice any such aforementioned signs, stop using the oil right away. Get in touch with a doctor who can help you with the right way of using hemp seed oil.

There are more researches that are being done to know how exactly hemp seed oil works for human skin. Now that you know the potential benefits of this type of oil, get a pack for yourself and start using to see the wonder it does to your skin.