D8 Flower

CBD oil and other CBD products have seen a definite increase in popularity over the last few years. This is all for a good reason, as CBD has a lot of positive benefits such as; pain relieving, aiding in anxiety and depression, helping with relaxation and sleep, and many others. There are also many different types of ways to use CBD, such as using manufactured CBD flowers.

What is a D8 Flower?

A D8 Flower is actually just a hemp flower that has Delta-8 added to it in order to make use of its benefits. Delta 8 does occur naturally in cannabis plants, but only in small amounts. In fact, it is usually less than 1%. Therefore, cannabis growers have to add Delta 8 into the hemp flower.

What is a D9 Flower?

The D9 element is actually the part of the plant that produces a high; therefore, this does not need to be added in chemically. However, this version of the flower is much harder to find due to these very effects.

How is Delta 8 Added to the CBD Flower?

The D8Flower is made through a process called “isomerization.” Isomerization is the chemical process of a compound being transformed into any of its isomeric forms. In simpler terms, it is turned into forms with the same chemical composition, but with different structures. Therefore, it now has different physical and chemical properties.

After the Delta 8 substance is made from the CBD, it is then formed into distillate and it is the distillate that is added to the flower. There are many different methods for this process such as dipping, lightly spraying, and dusting. Some manufacturers even combine some of these methods.

Benefits of D8 CBD Flower

There are lots of benefits of using a D8 Flower, such as:

  • It is faster acting and you can receive the psychoactive benefits in a few minutes
  • Due to the faster reaction, Delta 8 can easily be made in small doses; therefore, you can get a better idea of your limit.
  • Some believe that it is a more balanced experience
  • It is thought to be easier to find than D9

Choosing between a D8 and D9 flower might have to come down to murky legality issues. It would probably be safer just to stick with a D8 flower unless you are well aware of the laws in your area. Be sure to do your research before investing in any CBD product.