Hemp Seed Oil Vs. CBD Oil

Interest in CBD oil is booming right now, and it is being marketed and sold throughout the U.S. and Canada. With all the interest has come rapidly changing legal regulations, new product formulations and new product/industry terminology. And with all of that has come confusion.

The infographic below, Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil: Similarities, Differences & Uses, clears up the confusion with respect to two highly beneficial items made from the hemp plant that are used for different reasons.

One of the major causes of confusion about these two oils, as the infographic explains, is a simple problem of terminology. Hemp seed oil is made from hemp plant seeds. CBD oil is made from hemp plant flowers, leaves, stems and stalks. So far, so good. However, there’s another term, hemp oil, that is also widely used, sometimes as shorthand for hemp seed oil. However, hemp oil (or full-spectrum hemp oil) is a term used more correctly as an alternate for CBD oil.

Hemp seed oil is rich in nutrients and has been used from time immemorial as a beauty aid and for nutrition. While its benefits for the skin and overall health are well understood, the recent surge in popularity of CBD, along with a widespread interest in natural products, has spurred great interest in hemp seed oil products for a wide range of personal needs.

CBD oil, in contrast, is a new product whose uses and benefits are only now becoming well understood. Great excitement built around CBD oil as its effectiveness in treating epilepsy became known. Other medical benefits of CBD, including the treatment of high blood pressure and acne, appear to be very promising. Much remains to be learned about CBD regarding its applications and dosages. In addition, CBD oils can be produced through a variety of extraction methods and with varying degrees of quality control. All of this explains why regulations regarding its sale and use seem to change on a daily basis.

A very important thing to know about CBD oil and hemp seed oil: neither product will make you “high.” THC, the ingredient in marijuana that produces that effect, is not present, or is present in only trace amounts, in these oils. If that concern has held you back from trying one of these products, you should feel confident about using them and still maintaining your usual mental function.

To learn more about how hemp seed oil and CBD oil compare, please read the infographic below by Neurogan.


This infographic was created by Neurogan, provider of CBD pet products