Herbal tincture

You must have heard about CBD, CBD tinctures, and many other useful supplements that help maintain our health daily. Even doctors use tinctures as medicine to treat their patients regularly. Be it allopathy or homeopathy, both of them include tincture dosage in the initial stage of treatment for instant relief.

This is because natural substances like – herbs, plants, and specific leaves are soaked under alcohol for several weeks before extracting active constituents. Afterward, the concentrated liquid is extracted by the cold press method and preserved under the dark area. However, if you are unaware of the term CBD tincture or searching what does tincture mean, then keep reading further.

Common ingredients that are used in tincture extract is –

  • Berries
  • Flowers
  • Roots
  • Bark and
  • Dried or fresh leaves

While purchasing tinctures, you can refer to any drug store, grocery store, medicine shops, wellness & health food stores, or even an online store. Also, you can buy them from alternative medicine practitioners. Usually, many tinctures are taken orally, but some tinctures such as – arnica or compound tincture should be consumed externally.

Usage of Herbal Tinctures

Like any other herbal extract, tinctures can also be included as a supplement to your day-to-day diet. For example, you can include herbal tincture liquid in your tea or sparkling water by a dropper. Also, some tinctures are used in various drinking recipes to enhance the flavor of the drink.

Therefore, all you require is a bottle of tincture liquid and a dropper. Now add a few drops of tincture liquid as prescribed on the pack. But always remember, effectiveness depends upon the type of herb, tincture, and dosage consumed by an individual.

Benefits of Herbal tincture

As mentioned earlier, due to various beneficial properties, you can consume CBD or herbal tinctures in your daily dietary plans. It helps to maintain stability between body and mind. Below we have shared a few more benefits you can enjoy while consuming tinctures.

1. Easy way of consumption

Many products other than CBD are available in the market with the same effectiveness, but tinctures work well. Because they are organic and do not reflect any side effects as well.

If you are feeding it to your child or an older adult, use a dropper instead of any tablet as tablets or pills are sometimes hard to swallow and take more time to start working.

2. Tinctures have a thick consistency

Generally, tinctures are highly concentrated. They are said to be four times thicker or more concentrated than teas. If you want to enjoy the effects of tea, you have to consume 4 to 5 cups of it every day. But if you are consuming a tincture, you can experience the same benefits with 2-3 drops. Due to its heavy consistency, it provides you with instant relief. However, it depends on the quantity of alcohol you want to use in your tincture recipe. You can easily vary your liquid concentration according to your requirements.

3. Long shelf life

The tincture is a concentrated liquid having a stable shelf life. Due to this, you can consume them for a longer period without worrying about their effectiveness. In addition, they are saturated under such temperatures that you can easily store them in your refrigerator for days and months. But always remember it takes a few hours to start showing the results. Once it’s active in your body, the tincture will work for six consecutive hours.


You can refer to tinctures by preparing your recipe or purchasing a tincture bottle with a dropper for direct usage. But it is recommended to inform your doctor before starting with tincture directly or indirectly.