Hand Pipes

Puffing is exciting, especially when with your buddies. If you are a beginner, it is critical to understand all the etiquette tips to blend in and avoid ruining the smoking session.

Below are some sacred rules to observe when using a hand pipe with friends.

Never Leave Spit on the Hand Pipe

You should always keep the hand pipe dry when using it with close friends or family. No matter how tight your connection is, an unspoken rule is that you cannot pass the smoker a wet hand pipe.

Leaving it drenched may lead to contamination, and if you are unwell, you will likely infect your friends. If doing this is challenging, it would be best to carry your hand pipe to a smoking circle; otherwise, you will make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Puff, Puff, Pass

A common tradition when smoking in a group is that you can only take two hits before passing the joint. However, when using a hand pipe, some users do it once and rotate it in the circle towards the left.

Etiquette dictates that you don’t hog the smoke, preventing other people from equally taking their puffs. Even when you are the host and the provider, every member in the circle should have a share.

Pass Carefully

The hand pipe contains cannabis that is on fire. Hence, it would be best if you were cautious when passing it to the person next to you, especially for glass pipes with open bowls. It is essential to be careful with the content inside and never give it aggressively.

A simple mistake can make you stumble and drop the pipe on someone, leading to disastrous outcomes and fatalities. You should avoid passing it using the hot end because the receiver will find it difficult to hold and can get hurt.

The Roller Lights It

Another rule requires that whoever has provided the weed will light it and take the first puff. Allowing the glass pipe owner to light up the weed shows respect, mainly if they are the hosts.

Therefore, as the provider, you should have everything ready, including the lighter, to make smoking more convenient. There are usually exceptions to this rule, which varies across circles, for instance, when only one of you knows how to roll a joint.

The Essence of Smoking Etiquette

Unless you prefer smoking solo, one of the most fun experiences is when you enjoy sessions with your friends. It is even better if you observe all the etiquette rules.

Everyone will be comfortable and have a great time; otherwise, a simple mistake can ruin everything and make the rest avoid inviting you.