CBD and Cancer Treatment Benefits: A Quick Look!

Cannabidiol or CBD has been in use for a long time by people in many countries of the world. It is known to be useful in alleviating many of the common ailments. It has been found in research that CBD aids with curing common problems like internal and external pain, anxiety, mental disorders and lack of cognitive abilities. CBD that is sourced from the marijuana plant has no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and thus, is not psychoactive in form. Many people chose CBD oil over regular medicines, given that it is fast-acting and one can recover fast from various issues.

What Makes CBD Work?

It works due to various reasons. This is a vital phytocannabinoid that is there in hemp. Studies show that it can, in many different ways, offer support to the body and the mind. There is a huge network of constituent receptors in the human body. This is essential for maintaining complete wellness, and can also aid the support systems to carry out a lot of physiological processes in the system. CBD and Cannabinoids fit within such receptors, which aid the body in maintaining good health.

It must be noted that CBD is a molecule. When you get legal access to the substance, you can get all the benefits but the presence of little or no THC ensures no harm for you. On its own, CBD might not be powerful enough always to be effective. Much compelling evidence is there, which shows that it acts best when used along with THC as well as the whole spectrum comprising of other cannabis components. 

CBD and its Benefits for Cancer Treatment

Every year, over 1.7 million people are detected with cancer in the US alone. They tend to suffer from:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Other than this, they also suffer from severely affected quality of life. After the treatment begins, such patients need to deal with pain, fatigue and other side effects of chemotherapy. Scientists and medical researchers were in search of ways to reduce all such side effects of chemotherapy. They have discovered that CBD helps reduce these effects. The non-psychotic chemical compound in CBD actually provides cancer patients with many benefits.

CBD and Benefits for Cancer

CBD oil has many benefits for cancer patients:

Pain Relief

All through their treatment, a lot of pain has to be tolerated by many cancer patients. They are prescribed painkillers or analgesics which become habit-forming after a point. These give rise to many acute side effects, like sleepiness, constipation, nausea and vomiting. Thus, CBD happens to be a better way to cure cancer as well as alleviate pain. It is a good thing that no side effects arise from this pain medication substitute.

Vomiting and Nausea

As compared to traditional medication, chemotherapy happens to be a more powerful treatment for the removal of cancerous cells. But there can be acute side effects of this kind of treatment – such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue and loss of hair.

When CBD oil is consumed, the vomiting sensations in cancer patients can get reduced. As per one study, it can reduce vomiting symptoms by as much as half. CBD, likewise, is more impactful for reducing nausea symptoms.

Sleep and Anxiety Problems

Sleep issues also surface in many Cancer patients. Many of them find it tough to fall asleep. Chemotherapy is generally the main cause of such kind of fatigue. Due to this reason, the cognitive performance of a cancer patient takes a dip and he/she suffers from mood swings.

Many studies have revealed that CBD can be useful in improving the quality of sleep, and help cancer patients go to sleep more easily. Patients are actually unable to get proper sleep due to the anxiety and pain associated with cancer. Physicians say that 20% of all patients tend to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Tumor Growth

CBD also makes it easy to decelerate the proliferation of tumor cells, as many studies indicate. As per research, cancer cells can be destroyed by CBD or at least the growth of the same can be slowed down. CBD oil, in the same manner, can impede tumor growth if there is liver cancer. What CBD does is make the primary treatment more effective. Thus, it reduces tumor growth.

CBD and Higher Cancer Survival Rates

A 2018 study showed that in cancer patients, there can be an increase in survival rates due to the use of CBD. Two groups of mice were involved in such a study. The first group was treated with chemotherapy, which is a standard treatment for cancer. A combination of chemotherapy and CBD was used on the second group. In the latter group, the rate of survival was found to be 3 times more than in the first group. That shows CBD oil benefits, cancer patients.