How Much THC in Edibles Calculator

As a manufacturer, you may know or have used THC in edibles during production. There are a variety of edibles that have THC as an ingredient. However, gummies are really famous when it comes to creating THC-based edibles.

Like every edible on the market, THC edibles require an accurate amount of every ingredient for expected impact and taste. An aggressive amount of THC in edibles may lead to unconsciousness while a minimal amount will not give the expected impact.

But it usually happens that manufacturers experience difficulty in choosing a particular amount of THC. Now, a question may strike your mind how to calculate the accurate amount of THC in edibles.

Why work with estimates or theories when you have THC in Edibles calculator in the market? This calculator works with computerized algorithms that calculate the right amount of THC according to the edible.

We have created this article to uncover how extraktLAB’s calculators’ aid accuracy in your production. But this guide will lead you towards everything you need to know about THC in edibles. Let’s start with what is THC and we have a lot more for you on the list.

What is THC and Why is it Used in Edibles?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the primary components of the cannabis plant. It’s a psychoactive compound that creates high sensations and is proven for alleviating chronic pain. Like CBD, THC has the same molecular structure of 21 carbon atoms and 30 hydrogen atoms.

However, THC has multiple isomers including Delta 8, 9, and 10. We usually notice the inclusion of THC in medicines for chronic pain and stress relief. But why is it used in edibles? The primary reason is its health benefits as THC perfectly aids sleep, chronic pain, stress, and ailments.

Besides health benefits, THC in edibles is also used because of its taste. Delta 8 THC can be flavored sweet as candy to meet your taste preferences. That’s why manufacturers use THC in gummies and other sweet-flavored edibles.

Last but not ending, THC is famous for creating a sense of euphoria and relaxation. It gives a bioavailable and less risky alternative to other substances that create a similar sensation. However, overdosage of THC in edibles may lead to various side effects.

Effects of THC Content in Edibles:

Every dosage of THC in edibles has separate effects on consumers’ bodies. However, you can add accuracy to this using an edible dosage calculator. Here’s how different amounts of THC in edibles impact the individual body.

Low Dosage:

The lower level of dosages starts from 1.5 to 2.5 milligrams of THC in edibles. With this level, the THC edible only creates a mild impact on the human body. If you want your consumers to experience moderate symptoms, you can keep the dosage to 2.5-30 milligrams.

This dosage will make them experience moderate pain relief, happiness, and altered perception after consumption.

High Dosage:

Low-level dosages are sufficient for beginners but may not impact the body of consumers with high tolerance. People who consume THC edibles regularly require at least 30-50 milligrams of dosage.

This level creates a strong sensation of euphoria and potential alleviation of pain in desired areas. Even some heavy consumers demand a 50-100mg dosage, but it may lead to various side effects on their bodies.

Accurate Dosage:

A lower dosage may not impact, whereas a high dosage can lead to several side effects. Thus, you should use a THC in an edible calculator to find out the accurate dosage. In brief, an accurate dosage of THC in edibles is the amount that creates the expected impact without doing harsh side effects.

THC Dosage Chart:

After exploring the above sections, we know that overconsumption of THC can lead to several side effects. Overdose of cannabis or THC overstimulates the effect and exceeds the capability of human body tolerance.

That’s why you should include an accurate amount of THC in your products, or say edibles. Not only will it keep your consumers safe, but it will also aid your marketing. Here an example will give you an expanded view.

Suppose you have used a high dosage of THC in edibles to enhance relaxing sensations. Whenever a user consumes the product, they will experience an intense and overstimulated effect of cannabis. No doubt feeling the impact is important, but a user may hesitate to consume the product again.

Thus, you experience reduced consumer satisfaction and sales. But you can try flavoring it sweetly to offer a better taste and less toxicity for regular consumption. Similarly, our THC dosage chart will help you simplify the edible dosage per product.

As discussed above, every consumer has its own tolerance levels and body requirements for THC. You can use extraktLAB’s calculators to calculate dosage according to target customers. Some consumers get satisfied with just 2.5 milligrams, while some may require up to 100 milligrams.

Here’s how it works!

According to our THC dosage chart, 1.5-2.5mg is a light dosage and can only produce light body effects. But if you just increase it to 2.5-15mg, your consumers will experience moderate pain relief and satisfaction.

Interestingly, some consumers look to experience intense mental stimulation and high pain alleviation. Our chart recommends keeping the THC dosage in edibles between 30-50mg. Lastly, some consumers have an extremely high tolerance and tolerate up to 100mg of THC in edibles.

Types of Consumers and Dosage They Required:


They are the consumers who are looking to consume THC edibles for the first time or have a relatively low tolerance. You can recommend them to consume between 1mg to 5g THC per edible.

Moderate consumers:

In moderate consumers, you can consider people who consume THC edibles for medical purposes or just to relieve stress occasionally. They like to experience moderate symptoms, and we recommend keeping 5mg-10mg THC per edible.

The consumer with High Tolerance:

They are the consumers who take THC for higher medical purposes like chronic pain and require an intense amount of CBD for pain relief. As they have experienced THC already, they can take 10-25mg of THC per edible.


Looking at the dosages, you may have got an idea about how different THC doses in edibles impact the human body. Every consumer has different preferences and requirements for THC in edibles. So, you need to choose an accurate amount of dosage according to the type of consumer.