POD Vape Kits

You are increasingly interested in electronic cigarettes as a method of smoking cessation. This is normal because vaping has become a very popular tool in the USA.

The electronic cigarette salesperson explains how the device works to a customer. If the object attracts you, its technical dimension may put you off. It is true that the notion of battery, clearomizer, resistance, or even e-liquid still requires certain knowledge or at least a certain vocabulary. Here are some tips to get you started in vaping.

Understand the different models of electronic cigarettes

As we explain in our article dedicated to beginners, there are several models of electronic cigarettes. The most popular model today is the box mod format. This is a square or rectangular format that allows the user to be able to vape all day without needing to recharge their electronic cigarette. The second advantage of this type of device is its ability to customize. The box modis neither more nor less than an improved battery including configuration modalities, but the other very important part of an electronic cigarette is the clearomizer, or more simply the reservoir. The box mod can accommodate different clearomizers and therefore evolve over time. Note that the tube format is also popular, cylindrical in shape, it generally has the same characteristics as the box mod but sometimes offers a little less autonomy. It is ultimately also a story of taste and aesthetics.

So we advise you to choose a box mod in the form of a kit. A kit is simply ready-to-use material. Composed of the box mod and its clearomizer, a kit will prevent you from having to choose yourself the different elements that could go together. Kit makers do the work for you by selecting perfectly compatible hardware. If you are interested in electronic cigarettes in 2018 you are in luck because a few years ago the choice of a kit was something that could be quite difficult.

No pressure but a clear goal in mind

Vaping is good, but you still have to do it exclusively. You must stop smoking at all costs to feel the benefits of quitting smoking. Vaping and smoking at the same time ultimately bring very little long-term health benefit. Tobacco is a very harmful habit of consumption for the body. As you know, tobacco prematurely kills thousands of people a day in the USA. It is therefore very important to stop smoking. Keep this goal in mind, although the transition can sometimes take a few months or weeks. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, either. Quitting smoking is very complicated, and losing your habits and managing your addiction to smoking is difficult.

The classic mistake of a smoker who takes up electronic cigarettes is to free himself from guilt by smoking only a few cigarettes a day. While the idea is appealing, it should not be forgotten that tobacco causes serious damage to your body, even in small doses. Apart from the number of cigarettes per day, it is the length of time you are exposed to tobacco smoke pollutants that is important to consider, in other words, how many years you have been smoking.

By going from 20 to 3 cigarettes per day you certainly reduce the amount of smoke inhaled, but the duration of exposure does not change. As we know, it is the prolonged repetition of damage to cells, even minor ones in absolute terms, that can cause cancer. This is one of the reasons passive smoking is so dangerous. If the other does not smoke, he is still exposed over time to tobacco pollution, and can thus contract serious diseases.

Try out different flavors and take your time

We are lucky because in the USA and more generally in Europe the number of e-liquid manufacturers continues to grow. Then thousands of flavors are available to you today if you want to switch to electronic cigarettes. The easiest method is to find the liquid that suits you and of course to go to a physical store. By going to a store specializing in vaping, you will be able to take the time with a salesperson to taste different flavors. There are mainly three main flavors.

Do not hesitate to taste different flavors. The nicotine level that you will then define will depend on the feeling in the throat. Remember that nicotine does not cause cancer. It is not an inherently dangerous element at the doses that the smoker or the vaper administers. If you find that liquids are expensive, there is a very well-established solution today, which allows you to make your own e-liquid. Read our DIY guides.

Last Words

We tend to vape a lot at first and that’s completely normal. You should know that nicotine is much slower to be found in the blood of the vaper than in that of the smoker. The various additives included in tobacco smoke greatly increase its diffusing power, and therefore its addictive power. If the vaping material is very advanced today, it does not allow nicotine to be delivered as quickly as a tobacco cigarette. It will then be necessary to vape on average 3 to 7 times more than a smoker to obtain the same dose of nicotine in the blood. What is important is to stay away from tobacco.