Chronic pain treatment with CBD

Chronic pain is a common cause of worry for a lot of men and women. Whether the chronic pain is caused by conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, a fall or an accident, the patient must have some measure of quick relief so that he or she can have a relatively normal way of life. If you have tried out traditional medications to manage your chronic pain but with little success, you may want to use CBD as it has great potential for managing pain. The CBD chemical has been used for many years to reduce pain and it can even deliver better results when compared to over the counter medications. 

What is the origin of CBD?

Marijuana and hemp are the two main types of cannabis plants and they produce the cannabinoid compound. One of the cannabinoids is CBD or cannabidiol and it is devoid of any psychoactive property. Other types of cannabinoids such as THC can produce a feeling of high in the users. CBD does not produce relaxation but can lead to a feeling of relaxation. The cannabinoid compounds effectively attach to the cannabinoid receptors inside the brain and induce functions that are otherwise unknown to the brain such as relief from pain and inflammations.

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CBD and its use in producing CBD oil

CBD oil is extracted from high-quality industrial hemp since it is known for producing superior quality CBD content. A number of methods can be used for obtaining the CBD from the hemp and then it is used for making the CBD oil. The amount or concentration of CBD as it is present in the oil determines its strength. Multiple studies have shown that CBD can help in the management of pain commonly associated with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Along with chronic pain, CBD can also help in the reduction of inflammations.

CBD for pain management

Currently, research is being carried out into the effectiveness of CBD in managing chronic pain. It has already shown promising results in many animal tests. Scientists are now of the opinion that cannabis and CBD chemical ha powerful potential in managing chronic pain symptoms in human adults. There are researches carried out by numerous sources to confirm such findings. Another thing that was found out in these researches was that the patients did not develop a tolerance for the CBD and its effects which means that the medical team is not required to increase the dosage of the CBD with the passage of time.

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain can be described as pain that is caused by serious damage to nerves. Such pain and discomfort is caused by conditions like multiple sclerosis, infections like shingles and injuries like herniated discs. A research carried out in 2017 conclusively proved that CBD can be used for the treatment of chronic neuropathy pain and discomfort in humans. It is still open to debate as to what should be the healthy dosage of CBD for people who are suffering from neuropathic pain.


One of the main areas in which CBD can be used for the treatment of pain is of course arthritis. People who are suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can experience serious pain that can make their lives extremely difficult in the long run. Life can be especially difficult for them during the colder months of the year when their pain and inflammations become more critical. When CBD is taken by patients of arthritis, their pain can subside to a great degree, thus making it possible for them to have a relatively normal way of life. The best thing about CBD is that it can ease the pain associated with arthritis without giving rise to any kind of side effects.

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Multiple sclerosis

The autoimmune disorder of multiple sclerosis can not only affect the brain but also the nerves present in the whole body. This leads to muscle spasms in a patient of multiple sclerosis which can be quite painful. However, when mild doses of CBD are used with such patients, it can reduce the frequency of muscle spasms in a patient. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be better managed with the help of CBD when it is taken on a regular basis.     

CBD for anxiety, stress and depression

Although anxiety, stress and depression are not exactly physical conditions, they do have a lasting effect on the physical body. This is why it is important to manage them so that a person can have a relatively better way of life. When a person starts taking CBD on a regular basis, it can help him or her to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety to a great extent. This can not only enable them to achieve relaxation of the mind and body but also get more out of their lives.   


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